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Dr N Browne (Head of Department)

Mrs P Bolger

Mrs K Mulgrew

Miss C Race

Miss S Evans (Technician)


Subject Overview

Physics is the study of matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time and the entities of energy and force. The Physics department aims to develop a pupil’s knowledge and understanding of a range of concepts through theory, simulations, and practical work for them to realise their potential.

Key Stage 3

Years 8 and 9

Pupils are introduced to Physics as a taught component of the Junior Science course in both Year 8 and Year 9. During this time, students will investigate concepts relating to Light, Energy, Forces, Electricity and Magnetism, with a particular emphasis placed on the scientific method and practical work. In Year 10, students will be taught Physics by a subject specialist. The foundations for further study will be built, with pupils being introduced to more advanced topics such as Electromagnetism and Heat transfer.

Key Stage 4

All pupils in the College are offered the opportunity to study GCSE Physics on its own or as a taught component of the Double Award Science course. Pupils will be taught by specialist teachers, completing two theory papers and two practical papers. Over the course of two years, pupils would expect to complete a number of core practicals which will reinforce theoretical concepts and develop their analytical abilities. In Year 11, pupil’s will sit one of their theory modules, with the remaining modules completed in Year 12.

Key Stage 5

A Level Physics is a challenging yet rewarding course of study. Over the course of two years of study, pupils will be exposed to a vast array of topics which will probe their understanding of the world around them, particularly in the fields of nanotechnology, medicine, and industry. Through practical work, students will develop analytical and problem-solving skills which are crucial for further study. Students will complete two theoretical papers and two practical papers in each year of study, and the work involved in preparing for both sets of papers is extensive.

Physics is a popular subject at A Level within the College and each specialist teacher involved in the delivery of the A Level curriculum.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities relating to Physics are extensive. People with backgrounds in Physics develop careers in scientific research, engineering, medicine, industrial physics, finance, computer programming, education, data science. 

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