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Art & Design


Mrs Fiona Murray (Head of Department)
Mrs Pauline McCarthy
Ms Alison Fitzgerald


Key Stage 3

The course at Key Stage 3 is designed to present a variety of experiences to enable pupils to develop knowledge, understanding and skills. Exploration of the visual world through observation and experiment, both in two and three dimensions, forms a crucial part of the programmes of study. Sketchbooks are of great importance and the use of ICT is encouraged, both for information-gathering and for design purposes.


Key Stage 4

The progression of skills and exploration of media which takes place throughout the Key Stage 3 years forms the basis of studies at Key Stage 4. Use of a wide range of media is promoted and students are encouraged to explore their own ideas and interests by being given the personal freedom to set their own programmes of study within the confines of the CCEA GCSE syllabus.


Post 16

The increasing maturity of students studying for the AS and A2 examinations means that all work undertaken is decided through discussion on an individual basis. These students have also to prepare for entry into the colleges of art. They are encouraged to produce work which covers a range of media, is personal, aesthetically pleasing and shows a high degree of skill.



Seacourt Print Workshop, Bangor: a cross-community programme with local schools for Years 13 and 14.

Castlereagh College

Crescent Arts Centre: night classes in figure drawing for Years 13 and 14.


Workshop Visits by local artists when appropriate.

Museum and Galleries: visits for both Key Stage 4 and Post-16 students.

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