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A team of 12 teachers and a DEL Careers Officer are involved in the provision of CEIAG in Our Lady and St Patrick’s College. Employability and Careers teachers teach one period a week from Year 8 -Year 14 and engage in counselling as requested. The teachers in the Department are as follows:


Head of Department 

Mr James Davey


Post Holders

Mrs Briege Moley
Mr Liam McKenna,
Mrs Anne Hughes


Teachers of Employability/ Careers

Ms Roisin Collins
Ms Laura Dunne,
Mr Shane Hughes
Mrs Mairead Sweeney
Mrs Roisin White


Key Stage 3


In Years 8-10, a structured careers education programme, which covers the statutory requirements, is provided. The CCEA Employability course places its emphasis on pupil-centred learning and preparing young people for life after school. Employability incorporates four key dimensions: 

  • Career Management

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Skills and Qualities for Work

  • Work in the Local and Global Economy


At the end of KS3, students make decisions on their GCSE subjects. They are assisted in this in through interviews, visits to the Library and information from Options books and DEL publications and self awareness exercises for the ICT packages available in school


Key Stage 4


Years 11 and 12 follow a programme which meets the statutory requirements for KS4 in conjunction with LLW. At the end of this key stage, important Post 16 decisions are made. Year 12 take part in a DEL survey “Getting Connected” and based on the results of this, are offered interviews with a Peter McEvoy, the DEL Careers Adviser. They also have further interviews with Careers teachers and use ICT self awareness packages.


Post 16


The emphasis in Y13 and 14 is on making decisions about their future after A- Levels. In Y13 students the emphasis is on Work Related Learning. Students go out on a Work Placement for a week in February and sample the World of Work. This enables them to make decisions about their future Career Paths. Following this, they conduct self-awareness surveys online in order to choose a path Post 18. Most will begin the process of understanding UCAS. To this end we invite the two local universities and the Scottish Universities to do presentations on life and study at university. Year 13s are interviewed by a UCAS referee at the end of Y13 or at the beginning of Year 14.The Year 14 focus is on the UCAS process and applications for various institutions. They also concentrate on interview techniques and have the opportunity to avail of  mock interviews for Higher Education. The DEL Careers Adviser, interviews and advises students following the conduct of the “Getting Connected “ questionnaire. He also attends Options Days to met with parents and students.

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