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A large team of teacher spanning many departments are involved in the provision of CEIAG in Our Lady and St Patrick’s College. Employability and Careers teachers teach one period a week from Year 8 -Year 14 with individual Careers counselling available when requested. The teachers in the Department are as follows:


Head of Department 

Mr James Davey


Post Holders

Mrs Roisin Martin (Year 8 and 9 Employability Coordinator)

Mr Liam McKenna (Year 10 Employability Coordinator)

Mrs Anne Hughes (Year 11 Careers Coordinator)

Mrs Briege Moley (Year 12 Careers Coordinator)

Key Stage 3

In Years 8-10, a structured careers education programme, which covers the statutory requirements, is provided. The CCEA Employability course places its emphasis on pupil-centred learning and preparing young people for life after school. Employability incorporates four key dimensions: 

  • Career Management

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Skills and Qualities for Work

  • Work in the Local and Global Economy


At the end of KS3, students will make decisions on their GCSE subjects. They are assisted through their weekly Employability lessons, interviews with a Careers teacher, use of careers software online programmes, subject information provided by the College Options Booklet and Careers Service NI resources.


Key Stage 4

Years 11 and 12 follow a programme which meets the statutory requirements for KS4 in conjunction with LLW. At the end of this key stage, important Post 16 decisions are made. All Year 12 students will be interviews by Careers Service Adviser, currently Brenda McKeown. Year 12 students will attend the Skills NI Convention, the largest student / employer engagement event in Northern Ireland. They also have further interviews with Careers teachers, subject information provided in the College Options Booklet and access to various careers software programmes.



The emphasis in Year 13 and 14 is on making decisions about student’s post A- Level options. In Year 13 the main focus is on Work Related Learning. All Year 13 students will participate in Work Placement, for a week in January. This enables them to make better informed decisions regarding their future career paths. Once Work Experience has been completed, our focus shifts towards Post 18 options. Students will be given the opportunity to attend various University Talks, including: QUB, UU, Trinity College Dublin, Galway NUI, Oxford, Cambridge and various Scottish and English Universities. Student will also attend the UCAS Convention and various employer presentation covering areas such as Higher Apprenticeships. To support the UCAS application process, all Year 13 students will be interviewed by a UCAS referee at the end of Year 13 or at the beginning of Year 14. In Year 14 we focus on the successfully completion of the UCAS application along with applications to universities in the South of Ireland. A large number of students will require an interview as part of their UCAS application to certain universities. We will provide those students with additional support via mock interviews. We provide guidance to students applying for Student Finance and also help them to prepare for university life and the world of work.


Careers Events


A large number of Careers event take place throughout the year for all Year Groups. Please see below an example of our yearly careers calendar, with many more events added throughout the year.

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 09.47.21.png


If any Past Pupils or Parents are willing to assist the Careers department in areas such as Employer Presentations, Work Experience or Mock Interviews please contact Mr James Davey, Head of Careers.

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