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Aims and Objectives 


We share all the aims and objectives of the College. In particular we aim to help develop the “whole person” by providing a support service that is both caring and empathic and by helping students become more effective organisers of their own lives. 



The Counselling service is made up of five personnel. 
Each has a certain time allocated to Counselling each week. 


One period per week the student Counsellors meet under the supervision of the Vice-Principal in charge of Pastoral Care.  


A room has been designated for the Counsellors’ use in the school.  An Annual Report is presented to the Board of Governors, the Principal and the Pastoral Care Sub-Committee, updating the development and main areas of the service.  


Students come through the Counselling service by the following means:




Follow-up procedures are carried out with the Client and the Referrer 




This is practised as far as possible within the Counselling service.  In particular cases, the circumstances may require referral to outside agencies. 




The Counselling service has contact with an increasing number of outside agencies which in certain circumstances are used for the benefit and support of the service and client. Development of the service is on-going and in service training is encouraged when the appropriate courses become available. 

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