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Learning Support

Special Educational Needs in the College is intended to support each pupil to progress as successfully academically, physically, morally, spiritually and socially to reach his/her full potential.


The responsibilities of the board of Governors of the College for the Special Educational Needs provision is in accordance with the Education Order 1996 and Code of Practice.


The Principal has the responsibility to ensure that the S.E.N. provision is followed in the College. 


The approach to the Special Education needs of pupils is that of team work. The structure is led by the Head of Pastoral Care and comes within this sphere.


The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (S.E.N.C.O.) has responsibility for ensuring the operation of the Policy within the College, covering all aspects of Special Needs i.e. learning, physical, emotional and behavioural.


Special Educational Needs Teacher (S.E.N.T.) has the responsibility for working on a day to day basis with subject teachers and individual students either in helping to identify special learning needs or in making out Education Plan in line with the Stages of Assessment laid out in the Code of Practise and liaising with necessary personnel in and out of the College.


Heads of School co-ordinate information on individual pupils in the year groups who require or may require S.E.N. provision, keep parents informed of procedures, liaise with S.E.N.T. and S.E.N.C.O. and organise information for reviews.


Heads of Departments implement the policy within their subject areas and help the subject teachers to develop strategies for children of Special Educational Needs.


Subject Teachers identify children who may have Special Educational Needs and employ strategies within their subject areas in initial stages or refer to Special Needs Teacher for direction.

The Schools Examination Officer has the responsibility of dealing with the Examination Boards with regards any student requiring Special Needs provision during public examinations or during College based examinations.


The School Nurse has the responsibility of managing medical conditions for pupils with Special Needs as they arise in College and in co-operating with School Medical Authorities procedures and liaise with S.E.N.T. and S.E.N.C.O.

Year 8 Induction Booklet 2024

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