School Policies

Administration of Medication in School Policy (2020)
Anti-Bullying Policy (2020)
Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy (May 2016)
Attendance Policy For Students (2020)
Centre Determined Grades Policy Summer 2021
Charity Policy (2020)
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (2020)
Curriculum Policy (May 2019)
Drugs Policy (December 2018)
Educational Visits Policy (August 2016)
e-Safety Policy (May 2019)
Examinations and Controlled Assessment Policies (2020)
Homework Policy (March 2020)
Honour Tie Policy (June 2014)
Intimate Care Policy (2020)
Literacy Policy (January 2020)
Numeracy Policy (June 2016)
Parental Complaints Procedure (October 2018)
Positive Behaviour Policy (May 2019)
Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy (October 2019)
Special Educational Needs Policy (May 2019)
Study Leave Policy (2020)