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Mrs Fiona Knight  (Head of Department)

Ms Ursula Maguire

Ms Lisa Mc Cluskey (Head of Junior Science)

Mr James Davey 

Mr Niall Boyle

Mrs Nycki Berry (Technician)


Key Stage 3


Biology is taught as a component of Junior Science in Years 8, 9 and 10. Students are introduced to many important biology topics and will begin to appreciate the relevance the subject has to their every day life. They will be given lots of opportunities to develop laboratory skills and become familiar with the language of science.


In Year 10, students will be taught biology by a subject specialist. This will provide them with an excellent grounding for their future studies in biology whether they decide to study GCSE Biology on its own or as part of the Double Award Science course.


Key Stage 4


Students can continue the study of biology throughout Key Stage 4, by taking either Double Award Science or GCSE Biology.

Double Award Science allows students to take all three sciences at GCSE level but only uses two of their GCSE choices. They will be taught by subject specialists and complete coursework in two out of the three subjects


Alternatively students can opt to study GCSE Biology on its own for 5 periods a week.


Which ever route, they choose and provided they have a good enough grade, students will be able to progress onto A level.


Post 16


A Level Biology is a challenging but enjoyable course. It gives students an understanding of how biological concepts have been used in industry, business and medicine to contribute to our quality of life. It encourages students to develop communication, IT, and problem-solving skills whilst further developing the practical skills they have been using since Year 8.                         


Post 16 Biology is a very popular course within the College. Each year a large number of students choose to study A level Biology and all six specialist teachers are involved in the delivery of the Post 16 curriculum. This popularity is due in part to the wide variety of career opportunities open to students of Biology but also reflects the excellent work carried out by teachers within the department. 

CCEA are the examining body in all Biology courses.

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