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Business Studies


The Business Studies team is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A number of our teachers have industrial experience which supports their teaching and is used to highlight, first-hand, the relevancy of the subject.

Mrs Siobhan McColgan (Head of Department)

Mrs Teresa Fullan

Mrs Roisin White

Mr Shane Hughes
Mrs Kerrie Branagan


Key Stage 4


We follow the CCEA GCSE Business Studies specification which covers the main topic areas and activities of business:


Unit 1 Business Start Up:    Business Start Up, Production and Marketing.


Unit 2 Business Development:     Finance, Managing People, Business Growth and Business Plan.


The course is examined through two external written papers consisting of structured questions. There is also a controlled assessment component which involves report writing in response to a task set by CCEA.


Post 16


We follow the CCEA specification which covers the main topic areas and activities of business in depth:

AS Level Examination:


Module 1:  The Competitive Business


Module 2: Managing Business Resources


A2 Level Examination:


Module 3:  Making Business Decisions


Module 4:  The Changing Business Environment

The course is examined though structured questions in response to case studies and through report writing.

Career Implications


Business is a word that covers a tremendous range of commercial and management careers.

Within business, employees can move into areas such as personnel work, production, research, sales, marketing, purchasing, public relations, advertising, banking, finance, insurance, accountancy and so on.


A qualification in Business Studies gives pupils the opportunity to explore and develop their understanding of the business world. It seeks to equip pupils with a sound vocational knowledge base and to encourage the development of critical judgement, sound reasoning and an analytical approach to problems. These skills are central to a multitude of career areas which are becoming increasingly attractive to today’s school leavers and university graduates. 

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