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Ms Lucia McManus (Head of Chemistry/Head of Faculty)

Mr Niall Begley

Mrs Kathleen Cooley

Dr Lynsey Finlay (Chemistry technician)

Mr Ciaran Hamill

Mr John McAuley

Mr Neil McGaughey

Mrs Anne Walker


Key Stage 3

In Years 8 and 9, Chemistry is taught as a component of Junior Science. Here, students are introduced to the colourful and exciting world of Chemistry and there is an emphasis on developing practical skills. In Year 10, students have one double period of Chemistry per week and they are taught by a subject specialist. This is an excellent preparation for studying Chemistry at GCSE.



Most students choose to continue the study of Chemistry throughout Key Stage 4. They can do this by taking GCSE Chemistry on its own or as a component of Double Award Science. All Chemistry courses at GCSE are taught by specialist teachers. Throughout the two-year course, students complete a number of prescribed practicals which further develop their laboratory skills. At the end of Year 11 all students sit a theory module. This is followed in Year 12 by further examination papers, including one with a focus on practical chemistry.



The A-level Chemistry Department is one of the largest and most successful in Northern Ireland and is celebrated for its outstanding examination results. Comprising a team of seven chemistry specialists, our delivery of the A Level course is designed to be both stimulating and academically rigorous. The course prepares students to tackle complex problems and inspires curiosity about how Chemistry influences our world—from biochemical reactions within our bodies to technological innovations like pharmaceuticals and new materials.

Enrichment/Extra Curricular

The Chemistry Department enriches student life beyond the formal curriculum. Students participate in the Junior Science Club and engage in our Chemistry Mentor Scheme. They compete in events such as the Royal Society of Chemistry's Top of the Bench Competition and the Irish Chemistry Olympiad. Additionally, our annual visit to the Chemistry at Work Exhibition broadens their understanding and enthusiasm for Chemistry.


Chemistry is a very versatile subject and plays an essential role in various professional career paths. Many students combine their studies with other sciences, pursuing higher education in fields like Medicine, Veterinary Science, and Engineering. Past pupils have excelled as Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Forensic Scientists, Engineers, Chemists, Biochemists, Food Technologists, Pharmacologists, and Science teachers and lecturers.

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