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Computer Science


Mr Daniel McShane (Head of Department, A Level Computer Science, A Level Software Systems Development, GCSE Computer Science, Key Stage 3 ICT)
Mr Andrew McGrath (ICT Coordinator, A Level Digital Technology, GCSE Computer Science, Key Stage 3 ICT)
Mr Tony Donnelly (A Level Digital Technology, GCSE Digital Technology, Key Stage 3 ICT)
Ms Roisin White (Key Stage 3 ICT)
Ms Alison Fitzgerald (Key Stage 3 ICT)
Mr Anthony Murray (Key Stage 3 ICT)
Mr Paul Ashe (IT Manager, Webmaster)



The ICT department has three dedicated computer suites and a departmental resource room. Each of the suites has 29-30 networked computers, scanners, laser printers (monochrome and colour) and interactive whiteboards.


There are 7 other suites located throughout the College in Business Studies, Careers, Science, Technology and the Library. Art and Music are both equipped with Apple iMacs and Music has a digital recording studio. 



Cross-curricular ICT is integrated within classroom experiences across all subject areas. The teaching of ICT skills is supported by discrete ICT classes at Key Stage 3.


For students making subject choices for September 2018, we offer:

  • OCR GCSE Computer Science

  • CCEA GCSE Digital Technology (following Route A: Multimedia)

  • WJEC A-Level Computer Science (replacing the CCEA Software Systems Development that was previously followed at A-Level by those who had studied GCSE Computer Science)

  • CCEA A-Level Digital Technology


Links to these courses:


The College is now using Java as the core programming language at GCSE and A-Level, except the final cohort of Software Systems Development students who continue to use C# and SQL.

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