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Dr A Carlin (Head of Department)
Mrs Olive Austin
Ms Medbh Davey (Head of Junior English)

Ms Laura Collins
Mr Edmund Cowan
Mrs Sinead Dooher

Mrs Elena McCausland

Mr Damian O’Hare

Key Stage 3


In years 8-10 pupils develop their skills in Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening within the context of the NI Curriculum. The courses devised for each year group provide students with opportunities to explore, appreciate and enjoy a range of challenging literary and non-literary texts. Using appropriate and varied teaching strategies, teachers aim to foster a love of literature and to encourage students to discover their own talents as readers, writers and communicators. 


Key Stage 4


Students study both GCSE English and GCSE English Literature in Years 11 and 12. They follow the CCEA syllabus for each subject and all are entered for the higher tier. Both subjects have examination and controlled assessment components and although they are assessed independently, the courses are designed to be compatible.


Post 16


The College offers the CCEA Advanced Subsidiary GCE and the CCEA Advanced GCE in English Literature. These courses build upon the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within GCSE Literature. Students taking the AS course should develop as confident, independent and reflective readers able to use critical concepts and terminology with understanding and discrimination. The A level course broadens and deepens the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in the AS enabling students to explore comparisons and connections between texts and to appreciate the significance of cultural and historical influences upon readers and writers thereby gaining a wider sense of the scope of literary study.




Students are provided with opportunities to engage with poets and authors either in school or at other venues. All students are encouraged to enter competitions and many are involved in our successful public speaking and debating activities. 

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