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Ms Olga Mezza


German is offered from Year 8 to Year 14.

Key Stage 3


Currently there is one class in each Year Group and 3 periods per week are allocated at Key Stage 3. In Year 8, initial emphasis is on pronunciation skills and understanding and responding to spoken German. Students gradually build up their reading and writing skills as they become more confident. These skills are evident in the bright classroom displays.


We use the text books "Klasse 1 and Klasse 2’’ which offer lots of scope for role-play, listening, reading, writing and ICT activities, covering topics such self, family, pets, school, home, food and drink, hobbies, holidays and daily routine.


Key Stage 4


At the end of Year 10, students can opt to continue their German studies at GCSE level (currently AQA examining board). 5 periods per week are allocated at Key Stage 4. We use the exclusively endorsed AQA textbook which is accompanied by ‘Kerboodle’, the online resource to which students have 24-hour access. This includes exam question practice, Controlled Assessment guidance, videos and interactive activities.


60% of German GCSE is assessed in four Controlled Assessment tasks (two spoken tasks and two written) which take place throughout the two year course. The remaining 40% is assessed at the end of Year 12 in the external reading and listening papers.

The four learning contexts at GCSE reinforce and extend prior knowledge of Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment and Work and Education.


GCSE German:


Post 16


Students may choose to study German at AS or A-Level (CCEA syllabus) and 9 periods per week are allocated at Key Stage 5. The aim of the course is to equip students with an in-depth knowledge of the language, enabling them to converse fluently across a wide range of topics and write German with a high degree of accuracy, as well as offering insights into the culture and civilisation of German-speaking countries. They also attend conversation classes with the German Language Assistant.


A Level German:




Lunch-time German club with the German Language Assistant.

E-mail correspondence with pupils in Germany.

German films at QFT (A-Level).

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