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Mr D O’Sullivan (Head of Department)

Ms C Davidson

Mrs J Heagney

Mr P McGourty

Mrs O Millar

Mr A Murray

Ms A Nancarrow

Mrs C O’Callaghan (Numeracy Coordinator)

Mr S O’Neill (Head of Junior Mathematics)

Subject Overview

The department aims to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of Mathematical methods and concepts to enable our students to achieve their potential in Mathematics.  Progress is monitored regularly through homework, classwork and tracking tests.

Key Stage 3

All pupils in Year 8, 9 and 10 follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  Throughout their study students will have opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the course including Financial Capability.

Key Stage 4

All students at the College study CCEA GCSE Mathematics.  Those who have shown a particular aptitude for Mathematics have the opportunity of completing GCSE Mathematics in Year 11 and GCSE Further Mathematics in Year 12.  Alternatively, pupils may complete GCSE Mathematics over a two-year period by sitting one module in Year 11 followed by a completion paper in Year 12.

Key Stage 5

The College offers a range of options to students wishing to study Mathematics to A-Level.  They will follow the CCEA GCE Mathematics specification allowing them to take AS and A2 examinations in Mathematics by studying modules in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.  Students wishing to continue their Mathematical study beyond secondary level may wish to study GCE Further Mathematics.  This option is offered to the most capable students and is delivered on an accelerated basis in both Year 13 (GCE Mathematics) and Year 14 (GCE Further Mathematics).

Career Opportunities

Just about everything!  People with Mathematics degrees and other qualifications develop careers in accounting, medicine, engineering, forensic pathology, finance, business, consultancy, teaching, IT, games development, scientific research, programming, the civil service, design, construction, astrophysics and many other fields.

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