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Clare McCanny (Head of Department)

Claire Hamilton

Sinead McErlane
12 Peripatetic staff

Key Stage 3


Music is taught to all classes in years 8-10.  The curriculum follows closely the requirements of the national curriculum with its emphasis on listening, performing and composing.  All students will have an opportunity to develop instrumental skills on various classroom and other instruments.  Composition is normally pursued as a group activity based on such concepts as songwriting, 12 Bar Blues, Jazz Improvisation, Reggae & Film Music.  Listening activities emcompass a broad range of styles and genres from all over the world.


Key Stage 4


Music can be taken as a GCSE subject either over two years or as an accelerated one-year course.  The latter is taught at lunchtime to students who have achieved grade 4 on their chosen instrument.  Many pupils will take this opportunity as this provides students with an extra GCSE qualification. 


Pupils study the GCSE specification offered by CCEA. 

(See below for links to the CCEA music microsite)



CCEA A level music



The music department offers a wide range of extra curricular activities for all year groups with rehearsals at breaktime, lunchtime and after school.  These activities include:

  • Senior Choir – Mrs Claire Hamilton

  • Junior Choir – Miss Sinead McErlane

  • Girls Choir – Mrs Claire Hamilton

  • Senior Orchestra – Mrs Clare McCanny

  • Junior Orchestra – Miss Sinead McErlane

  • Flute Ensemble – Mr Richard Douglas

  • Wind Quintets – Mr Erwin Shaw

  • Barbershop Quartet – Mrs Claire Hamilton

  • Traditional Group – Mr Niall McClean

  • String Quartets – Mrs Clodagh Oakes


Pupils have many opportunities throughout the year to perform in these ensembles at various school events.  The most significant being the Annual College Concert which will is held around Easter every year. Pupils will also be performing at the Annual College Carol Services which is held just before the Christmas break.


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