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Other Activities

Bar Mock Trials

A team of 18 students take on the roles of Barristers, Witnesses, Court Clerk / Usher, Jurors and Court Reporter to compete against other NI schools in a ‘live’ court room situation.

Board Games Club

Book Club

Cookery Club

Are you a budding Masterchef or just interested in cooking and tasting Great food, then join the Cookery Club every Tuesday after school in 1He1


We enter inter-school debating competitions. In recent years we have won six NI titles. We also develop our debating skills through inter-class and informal in-house debating.

Drama Club


Geography Club (TAG)

The TAG TEAM is a group of students who are passionate about protecting the environment and making a difference in society. Students carryout research and investigate important topics and issues in Geography

German Club

Games and cultural exchange with German Language Assistant.

Irish Club

Junior Chaplaincy

Junior Reading Club

Justice Club

We are a campaigning group. Our purpose is to try to seek justice, fairness, freedom and truth wherever we see people denied their rights.

Media Club

Needle Craft

Traditional Crafts Are Trendy Again! Knitting is the new rock and roll! 

Outdoor Pursuits

The outdoor pursuits club provides the opportunity to all students from year 12 to year 14 to take part in outdoor activities such as hill walking and water sports.

Prayer Group


Senior Chaplaincy

The chaplaincy team with ten young volunteers under the guidance of the Lay Chaplain, Mrs McCarthy give of their spare time during their final two years and made a significant contribution to the spiritual life of the college

SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group)

Pupils discuss the options available in the school dining hall and suggest ways of promoting healthy eating to their peers. They organise competitions and a reward scheme to encourage students to make healthier lifestyle choices 

Special Olympics


Promoting Catholic ethos, social action, visitation and fundraising

Yearbook Committee

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