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GCSE Results Thursday 24th August 2023

Results will be available for collection in the College Dining Hall from 8.30am - 10.00am.

Students/parents should park in the bus area. They should enter the College via the underpass and make their way directly to the Dining Hall. Once results have been collected, they should exit via the courtyard.

As always we will be offering various post results services.

  • Copy of paper before a remark - deadline 7th September

  • Remark - deadline 28th September

  • Remark with copy of paper - deadline 28th September

  • Original paper - deadline 28th September

Click here to download a GCSE Copy of a Script Before a Remark form.

Click here to download a Remark form.

Click here to download a price list.

Click here for the CCEA information guide ‘Understanding your GCSE Provisional Statement of Results in 2023.

Click here for GCSE Grade Boundaries for summer 2023.


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