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In November we Remember

Dear Parents,

On Thursday the 25th of November (9:20 am – 9:35 am), there is a pre-recorded November Remembrance prayer service, “In November we Remember” being shown to each class during registration. We also intend lifting this Prayer Service onto our website.

We would like to invite you to join us in prayer for this emotive service giving honour to those whom we have loved and who are no longer with us. You could join us by accessing the recording on our website at this time. Alternatively, it would be a very rewarding experience to take part in this prayer service with your child at home using the online recording remembering those in your family who have died.

During the service, each year group has been represented by bringing forward a candle. Staff and past pupils have also been remembered in this way. The service is 10 minutes long. It would be a very positive experience for our faith community to come together to pray in this way.

College Chaplaincy Team.


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