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Junior Apprentice - Task 3

This week, the task was to design a story book for 3-5 year olds. Gavin (project manager), Herbie and Matthew came up with the idea, ‘How do animals go to bed?’ It had a great storyline, which was very educational and perfect for their target audience.

Sean, Tomas (project manager) and Emmet had the idea, ‘Barney the Baby Bear’. Barney was on the hunt for some honey, getting friends to help along the way. Again, it was a very engaging book and a lot of effort went into making this.

The winners were Sean, Tomas and Emmet. The decision this week was very difficult as both ideas were so good. It was all down to the presentation of the book, with the illustrations in this book being fantastic!

The losing team will now fact the board room.


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