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Year 12 Options Day

Friday 10th February 2023 (12.30 pm – 3.30 pm)

This is a non-uniform day for Year 12 students and will be an opportunity for students and their parent(s) to meet with subject teachers and Careers staff.

Choosing 6th Form courses is a major career decision for every Year 12 student. It involves dropping down from a relatively large number of GCSE courses to 4 or 3 AS-levels. Students take 3 of their AS-levels through to full A-level in Year 14.

It is important that every student makes the ‘right’ choice of courses; one which suits their individual interests, abilities and career aspirations. The Options Day begins at 12.30 pm with presentations in the College Hall. Teachers will be available in their classrooms from 1.00 pm, to give information and advice to students accompanied by their parents.

To help ensure that the right decisions are made, students should discuss their A-level choices with their teachers, parents and Careers staff. The A-level Options Booklet on the College website will be a useful resource for students considering their A-level options.

We hope that all Year 12 students and their parents will be able to attend the Options Day. It would be helpful if students brought with them their Christmas Reports.

Best wishes

Paul McCormick

Vice Principal


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