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Religious Education



Mrs Pauline Rainey (Head of Department)

Ms. Anne Hughes (Assistant Head of Department)

Mrs Louise Clarke

Mr. Liam Mc Kenna

Mrs Claire McCaffrey

Mrs. Fionnuala Sloan

Mrs Nicola McCarry

Miss A Fox

Key Stage 3


All pupils in Junior School follow the Irish Catechetical Programme as published by Veritas.


Year 8 "Fully Alive 1"

Year 9 "Fully Alive 2"

Year 10 "Fully Alive 3"


An important feature of the programme is the pupil’s journal in which they are asked to record their classwork and homework. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their work through the writing of personal reflections and prayers, containing records of their thoughts and feelings.


Key Stage 4


All pupils in Senior School are entered for the CCEA GCSE Religious Studies examination. Pupils undertake a two year course of study of the following papers:

  • Unit 5: Christianity through a Study of Mark’s Gospel

  • Unit 6: An Introduction to Christian Ethics


Post 16


A significant number of pupils in Upper School take up GCE Religious Studies. These pupils follow the CCEA specification.


The following modules are offered:

Textual Studies

AS 1 An Introduction to the Gospel of Luke Luke’s gospel

A2 1 Themes in the Synoptic Gospels

AS 3 An Introduction to Themes in the Old Testament

A2 3 Themes in the Old Testament


Systematic Study of One Religion

AS 5 The Celtic Church in Ireland in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Centuries

A2 5 Themes in the Celtic Church, Reformation and Post-Reformation Church


Religion and Ethics

AS 7 Foundations of Ethics with Special Reference to Issues in Medical Ethics

A2 7 Global Ethics


Those pupils who do not opt for the GCE Religious Studies follow a modular programme designed to be a Programme for Christian Citizenship. The following modules are offered.

  • Spirituality

  • Making moral decisions

  • Seeking God

  • Human rights issues




The Religious Education Department encourages and supports the following clubs and societies within the College:

  • Chaplaincy

  • Saint Vincent de Paul

  • Trocaire


The Department promotes Ecumenical outreach- not only through its links with the local Church of Ireland and Presbyterian Churches but also in its association with Scripture Union and the Gideon Society.


The Department contributes to the liturgical life of the College through the coordination and planning of assemblies and through its collaboration with Down and Connor Diocesan societies to promote faith programmes.

The Retreat Programme


The College’s Retreat Programme is integral to the whole R.E programme. In Junior School groups are taken one morning or afternoon so that each pupil has the opportunity for a retreat experience once per year. Each year follows a particular theme.

  • Year 8: The presence of God on our lives.

  • Year 9: Called to friendship with Jesus

  • Year 10: Call to conversion.

  • Year 12 Students are able to avail of a Retreat experience taken by the Clonard Youth Ministry team at Clonard Monastery.

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