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Mrs S Caughey (Head of Spanish)

Mrs L Clarke

Miss D Haughey

Ms O Mezza

Ms A McGowan

Mrs J Mulholland

Mr N Begley

Carolina Montané Franco (Spanish Assistant)


Key Stage 3


Using the Viva resource pupils are given the opportunity to develop their oral, written, reading and listening skills in an innovative and creative way.  The activities in the classroom promote the development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities and active learning is highly promoted within the department. Pupils take part in role-plays, singing songs, games and are encouraged to work in groups to enhance their communication skills in the target language whilst also grasping new vocabulary and grammar points. ICT is strongly embedded in our schemes of work with each year group completing formal ICT tasks. Pupils also learn about the cultural aspects of Spain such as festivals (fiestas) and food.  Pupils have 3 periods per week at Key Stage 3.


GCSE                                                  Exam Board: CCEA


There are three contexts for learning:

1: Identity, Lifestyle and Culture

Students’ lives, families, homes and interests, and those of others in Spanish-speaking countries and communities:

  • Myself, my family, relationships and choices

  • Social media and new technology

  • Free time, leisure and daily routine

  • Culture, customs, festivals and celebrations

2: Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest

Students’ lifestyle and attitudes to environmental, social and global issues, and those of others in Spanish-speaking countries and communities:

  • My local area and the wider environment

  • Community Involvement

  • Social and global issues

  • Travel and tourism


3: School Life, Studies and the World of Work

Education and employment issues in students’ own country or community and in Spanish-speaking countries and communities:

  • Studies and school life;

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Part-time jobs and money management

  • Future plans and career


The course will be assessed through the four skill areas of listening (25%), speaking (25%), reading (25%) and writing (25%).

For more information on the course visit


A Level Spanish                              Exam Board: CCEA


For more information on the course visit


The Spanish course will help the student to develop his/her general study skills, but above all he/she will learn to communicate at a much higher level. Students will also learn much more about a wide range of aspects of Hispanic societies.

READING:  The student will be able to read, understand and extract information from written passages in the target language that are taken from authentic sources, such as magazines and newspapers, reports or books.

LISTENING:  The student will be able to listen to, and understand contemporary spoken language and answer questions on what has been heard. The passages for listening will be taken from a range of sources such as news reports on the radio or TV, weather forecasts, announcements, interviews and discussions and past paper sources.

SPEAKING and WRITING:  The student will learn to produce longer pieces of writing and to hold conversations and discussions in the target language on either a film or a text. Pupils will avail of at least one conversation lesson on a one-to-one basis with the Spanish assistant. He/she will learn appropriate grammar, words and phrases that will help to:

  • present information in the target-language

  • provide opinions

  • organise their arguments

  • analyse their ideas  

Examination Results

To access recent examination results for the College including GCSE and A-Level Spanish results click here.


Pupils are invited to participate in a wide range of activities organised within the Spanish department or within the ML department as a whole. These can include the All-Ireland Linguistics Olympiad, Hispanofest and Debating opportunities. Our AS and A2 pupils will benefit from a Spanish linguistic and cultural immersion trip which we offer every two years and we also organise a range of activities throughout the year such as Onatti Theatre, NICILT film workshops and careers talks to promote the role of languages in the workplace. We would invite you to view our photos and Tweets on our ML department Twitter page @OLSPCKLanguages.


For more information on how past pupils can support the College click here.


Trips - Salamanca 2019


In The Classroom

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