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Technology & Engineering


Mr F Maguire (Head of Technology)
Mr H Austin (Assistant Head of Technology)
Mrs E Wilson
Miss J McQuiston

Mr Tom Hamilton (Technician)

Key Stage 3


Technology & Design, a compulsory subject at Key Stage 3 follows the Revised Curriculum relating to Technology and Design. 

Students are offered experience in the following areas:  electronics, mechanisms, graphic communication and ICT including computer control and computer aided design and manufacture. 

Students work in a range of materials, which include wood, metal, plastics and textiles.  They are introduced to a range of manufacturing techniques and have the opportunity to become familiar with and use various processes and equipment.  These include PCB manufacturing facilities, hot wire line bender, vacuum former, pedestal drill, milling machine, lathe, CNC router.


Key Stage 4 - GCSE Technology


Students follow the CCEA GCSE Level Technology & Design Specification.


Technology & Design is based upon the laws and principles of science and utilises these to solve real-life problems.  Technology is also concerned with the management of the environment, and familiarity with materials, energy and control systems – electronic, mechanical and pneumatic. 


The emphasis is on product design and manufacture and students will be involved in the design and manufacture of their own products.  At all times they will be encouraged to strive for excellence and adopt safe working practices in a manufacturing environment.  A high standard of competence will also be expected in both written and graphical work.


Key Stage 4 - GCSE Engineering


Students follow the CCEA GCSE Level Engineering Specification.

This specification encourages a student-centred approach to learning and gives students opportunities to apply their developing knowledge in relevant, enjoyable and work-related contexts. Students will be required to develop a range of design ideas and produce engineering drawings of their design. Students will also be required to make an engineered product consisting of two different materials.

There is also an external written paper based on engineering technology.

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